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We had a historic opportunity to shape the headlines on Inauguration Day!


On January 6th, we witnessed a swarming insurrection on the Capitol steps and heard about our elected lawmakers hiding under their desks in fear for their lives.

With an ongoing threat of violence in the air, we can wait to see what happens on January 20th or we can use our voices to lift up our country and honor the peaceful transfer of power.

Let’s GO TO OUR STEPS to celebrate the spaces where we build our future together. We’ll go to our places of worship, our libraries, our schools, our porches, our access ramps, or our metaphorical steps – and let our hope-filled voices be heard.

Take positive personal action and be part of something bigger. How? Play or sing music, read poetry (or prose), hold up signs, make art – anything really – expressing themes of hope, peace, and justice. Live-stream it (or record it beforehand if that’s easier). Then post it on social media on January 20 between 9:30am and 11:30am  leading up to the Inauguration. Share it using the hashtags:
#Steps2021#TheFutureWeBuildTogether, and #PeaceWithJustice.

Americans know how to gather with their fellow citizens, congregants, and friends to create and build a future for all – step by step. THOSE are the headlines we want to read, and THAT is the American story we’ll celebrate on January 20, 2021!

More information, ideas for being COVID-aware, and a way to register your event can be found below — and by following @2021Steps on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Any questions or concerns? Email us at:

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Select your ‘Steps’

The steps you choose can be literal or metaphorical, like a place of worship, a library or maybe just your own front porch. The point is to come outside and be seen — and heard — compassionately defending peace, justice, and hope!

Select your Time

It’s important that participants be active during the time leading up to the Inauguration: between 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. EST on January 20, 2021. Please livestream or upload your contribution during this time!

Select your Material

Please choose material that focuses on themes related to our democracy: justice, peace, hope, and freedom. Make it easy on yourself and pick songs, art, poetry or dance moves that you already know! We look forward to seeing you!

Create your Event

Register your event using the form below. This is the most critical step: Please let us know what you’re doing and where in the world you’ll be. We need as many voices and eyeballs as possible to know what we’re participating in, and why.

Let People Know

You can use your influence to grow this movement by sharing the Steps 2021 link to your networks (especially social media). Next, tell people what you are planning to do. Tell the media, your places of worhsip, or any local organizations.

Amplify your Voice

Take to your steps on January 20. Live-stream or pre-record your event and post it to social media between 9:30am and 11:30am EST. Tag @2021Steps in your posts and let’s get our hashtags trending! #Steps2021, #PeaceWithJustice #TheFutureWeBuildTogether

STEP 1: Select Your ‘Steps’

Select your steps. While it will be tempting to take to the steps of your local Capitol building, please stay away from your state capital or any significant political structure as it is likely that there may be protesters there. And besides, we’re aiming to soothe conflict, not engage in it. Plus: Covid-19. So stay local – even your own front porch. Tell us which ‘steps’ you’re choosing to stand on in participation with us, and register your steps using the form below.


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STEP 2: Choose Your Time.

We encourage live performances to be held between 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. EST on January 20, 2021. If you prerecord, simply upload to social media during this time and tag your creations with any of our hashtags:
#Steps2021 #TheFutureWeBuildTogether #PeaceWithJustice


We need to ensure that we are being as safe as possible during this event to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We do know that singing increases the rate of aerosol production and the distance that air produced can travel, which then in turn can increase transmission risk. We encourage you to find a solution that best fits your space and resources, and obviously many choirs and faith groups have already been adapting to this. The safest celebration is the celebration we want.

Here are some ideas to stay safe:

Be Outside

Being outdoors will increase ventilation and reduce the risk of transmission to those around you.

Keep it Short

Keep your event short – no more than 15 minutes.

Small Groups or Solo

You can have solo singers, or small groups depending on the space available.

Take Turns

If you have more choir members who want to participate, consider having different small groups for each song.

Space it Out

We suggest spacing your singers at least ten feet apart from each other – chalk out these safe distances on your steps beforehand.

Mask Up

Sing wearing masks.

Use a Mic, if you can

The use of an amplifier, mic or public-address system will allow for voices to be amplified and thus require less projection and lower airflow.

Not a Singer?
Not a problem.

Your music can be instrumental with no singing. Keyboards, ukuleles, string quartets, or the organ played loudly through open doors. Or draw a picture, recite a poem, read a favorite passage from a novel or scripture. Dance! Show us the warmth of humanity.

Stop the Spread

Ensure as large a distance as possible between those participating in the event and anyone who gathers to watch or document it.

Hype it Up!

Encourage people to participate by clapping, waving, stamping, etc.

A Message from ValLimar Jansen!

STEP 3: Choose Your Material

Please choose materials such as art, poetry, scripture, or songs that focus on themes related to our democracy: justice, peace, hope, freedom. Pick two or three that are in your repertoire already. We encourage you to avoid material that has connections with other movements, such as songs like “We Shall Overcome” because of its strong links with the Civil Rights movement. Musical selections could include those below:

Just Like You

> Lyrics and Information
> Hear it on YouTube
(Keb’ Mo’)

One Love /
People Get Ready

> Lyrics and Information
> Hear it on YouTube
(Bob Marley & The Wailers)

This Land is
Your Land

> Lyrics and Information
> Hear it on YouTube
(Woody Guthrie)

Prayer of St. Francis
(Make Me a Channel of Your Peace)

> Lyrics and Information
> Hear it on YouTube
(Daniel O’Donnell)

Peace is Flowing
Like a River

> Lyrics and Information
> Hear it on YouTube

Let There Be
Peace on Earth

> Lyrics and Information
> Hear it on YouTube
(Vince Gill)

This Little
Light of Mine

> Lyrics and Information
> Hear it on YouTube

Somewhere Over
the Rainbow

> Lyrics and Information
> Hear it on YouTube
(Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg)


> Lyrics and Information
> Hear it on YouTube
(Jean Sibelius, Lloyd Stone and Georgia Harkness)

The Times They
Are A Changing

> Lyrics and Information
> Hear it on YouTube
(Bob Dylan)

You’ve Got
A Friend

> Lyrics and Information
> Hear it on YouTube
(Carole King)

Hard Times Come Again No More

> Lyrics and Information
> Hear it on YouTube
(Stephen Foster)

Song for Judith (Open the Door and Come On In)

> Lyrics and Information
> Hear it on YouTube
(Judy Collins)

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Via Vimeo:

STEP 4: Create Your Event

Provide some information to help us create the big picture! Let us know who you are, what/how you’ll be singing/participating, and where you’ll be participating! We’ll use this information to create our Participation Map! … Don’t worry, we will not publish any private information and we will not pin-point homes on the map (we’ll use the nearest major cross-roads instead).

A Message from Jim Wallis!

STEP 5: Let People Know

Consider reaching out to your local media to let them know what is happening. Let’s aim for there to be more coverage of these kinds of joyful celebrations than of any protests.


Look for a “news” contact email and/or phone number on their website. It may be buried in the “Contacts” sections and/or in the disclaimer/footer areas.


Look for a “news” contact email and/or phone number on their website. It may be buried in the “Contacts” sections and/or in the disclaimer/footer areas.


We’ve prepared a template for you to fill in when communicating your intentions and purpose for media outlets; this is a quick summary that media uses to quickly understand what is being said and done.

STEP 6: Amplify Your Voice

Remember to record or live-stream and share your event on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok – wherever you are active on social media.

Post it in the time window of January 20th between 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. EST

Your message of hope needs to be the story of the day. Take to your steps on January 20. Livestream or upload your pre-recorded event using the hashtags:


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